RUNEX Courier

Runex Courier Services

Time is money, and we’re well aware that our customers are busy people. That’s why we’ve tailored our bulk parcel delivery tools to do all of the leg work for you when sending out multiple packages at once.

You can trust us to deliver your parcels and your promises at home and abroad taking the same care that you would yourself. We’re equipped with the latest technology and you’ll discover that good quality can also be good value.

Package Delivery

Do you have a package that needs to be taken to another location? We offer delivery across the country with motorcycle delivery within short distances.

Special Care Parcels

Do you have parcels that need extra care handling or those with irregular shapes? We are ready to provide a transport solution for you.

Supply and Distribution

We also facilitate supply chain transport services.

Handyman Services

Call The RUNEX to wrap up those lingering projects.

Power washing
Remove junk and debris
Painting projects
Garage/basement cleanup
Weather proofing
and much more!